3 Environmental Factor Of Obesity ?

Today we will describe the approach taken by NDCA, Where he take two hypothesis to calculate environmental factors that influence the obesity and describe strategies as well to test these hypothesis as well . In Their study they explain obesity as total calories intake greater than what is your expenditure in the sense of calories. Factors that influence obesity must be studied to control obesity epidemic cause modern environment and chemical exposure that may disrupt the calories intake and their expenditure.

About 35%of USA population has obesity and this  make them bigger and these condition is root for high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes or any other chronic disease. These are are the main risks while someone is suffering from obesity. Here is the best example when you forget your health . When you see a advertisement on your TV screen and you see a new deal and they offer it you in lucrative price and pick a phone and order a big mac , That’s not rapid tone actually your health food but it’s actually obesity you buy with your money.Some experts are not believe in genetic obesity cause they more believe in environmental factors that influence the obesity in young generation. Some researcher claims environmental factors Is external and some claim both internal and external combines together to influence obesity.


Some  Factors that influence Obesity ?

  • Lack of Physical Activity ; One of the more common and bigger problem is lack of physical activity and cause human generation evolve. Actually human race transitioned from agriculture to industrialized and now digitized means no more hard hark. You normally work in office with air conditioner and in front of computer and eating Hamp burger means we spent more time sitting. Other thing is we normally don’t go to grocery store while putting order online or calling them to post your appliance means less walking. So here is point Do change in you lifestyle and go walk with your children and go for swim and go grocery shop by walk  to buy a milk .
  • Fast Food luring and Food Advertising ; This is main reason cause it’s related to hunger and different kind of advertisement we see every 15 minute or main outlet of in our city meaning more fast food driven culture. You can’t avoid advertisement but you can change your mind and can control yourself. Actually fast food is higher in calories  but poor in nutrients that our body needs to maintain healthy body . These all calories stored in your body and by the passage of time it will cost you in obesity or any chronic disease.
  • Low Socioeconomic Status ; It’s refer to comparison with others in the way characteristics, income, occupation and where you live.Many researches shows that people’s with low socioeconomic use diet which is high in carbohydrates cause it’s less expensive compare to veggie fresh fruits and whole grains product. In there are less play ground means no exercise.

It doesn’t mean these factors are discrimination rapid tone actually can be eliminated by proper education.


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